Dunkin’ Donuts spark Scouse scowls

Liverpool players celebrate vs Bolton, Danny Molyneux

A furore over the Liverpool crest shows lack of Mersey humour.

Much was ado in Merseyside yesterday as sponsors of Liverpool Football Club caused a kerfuffle for parodying the club’s badge with a radical redesign of their own.

Sadly the marketing department of the Yank brand had not realised the flames are supposed to resemble a real-life memorial for the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster.

Fans of the club were suitably and loudly aggrieved on Twitter, with some calling for the sponsor to be dropped, whilst one fan in suggested the possibility that the campaign “mocks key features of the club’s identity”.

A statement released by he company was dutifully contrite, insisting the company “apologize [sic] for any insensitivity” regarding the offending tweet, which was hastily removed.

As for “how bad” all of this palaver about nothing actually was, at least one fan spotted this could be a strong early contender for Butthurt of the Year Award.

”Silly. But not deliberately offensive,” scaton wrote. “Can’t say it really troubles me.”

Picture – Danny Molyneux.

Jimmy Nicholls

Jimmy Nicholls

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