Twitter rages as FA points out female footballers have family, lovers and kids

Lioness, August 2011, Lip Kee

Much has been ado in the media of late about the Lionesses, a nickname for England’s women’s football squad, which has been usually ignored in the past on the grounds that female soccerball is even more dull than the penis-wielder’s equivalent.

Aside from the immediate cause of the Women’s World Cup it is hard to pinpoint the reason for the surge in attention, though one cannot escape the sense that people are trying to care out of a commitment to equality, spice and everything nice rather than strict love for the beautiful money-laundering scheme (Ed: Game, surely?).

Despite this objections all was going splendidly until Monday when somebody left the intern in front of the Twitter, where corporate giants can now shed decades of reputation building in a few keystrokes. As The Washington Post reported, here’s what happened next:

England sexist tweet by Washington PostUnsurprisingly the shit hit the fan quite quickly, with twits making the appropriate jokes on time-travel and the 1950s, whilst The Football Association swiftly deleted the offending tweet and hid behind their mother’s coattails to draft a hasty apology noting the tweet pulled a line from the linked article:

“The full story was a wider homecoming feature attempting to reflect the many personal stories within the playing squad as has been told throughout the course of the tournament.

“However, we understand that an element of the story appears to have been taken out of context and the opening paragraph was subsequently revised to reflect that fact.”

Fewer complaints were registered for the spurious boilerplate in the actual release claiming that the felines “captivated a nation”. As with men’s football, the adults were too busy watching Greece disintegrate to give a damn about a few athletes kick a pig’s bladder round a field.

Header Image – Lioness, August 2011 by Lip Kee

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