Neil Gaiman leads language police on forlorn mission to misdefine ‘refugee’ and ‘migrant’

Vote to care about refugees, Melbourne, July 2013 by Takver

The language police are again attempting to storm the barricades of literacy by falsely claiming that a refugee is not a type of migrant.

This time round author Neil Gaiman, who otherwise displays an aptitude with words, has assembled a cohort including actors Peter Capaldi of The Thick of It, Colin Firth of The King’s Speech, and Patrick Stewart of – well, you’ve probably heard of him.

As the Right Dishonourable has previously pointed out, a “refugee” is indeed a type of “migrant”, a fact that can be simply proved by remembering that “economic migrant” is a phrase.

The fact such an inane video is backed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) also indicates the agency has too much time on its hands, an odd situation for the body to find itself in given its claim that 60m people are currently seeking refuge.

Besides, even those who do not use the term “refugee” tend not to deny the trouble that the Middle East and North Africa are in at the moment.

Their scepticism usually focuses on whether Europe has the resources to take in the thousands on the move – an issue which these “ambassadors” would have done better to address.

Image Credit – Vote to care about refugees, Melbourne, July 2013 by Takver

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