How literary criticism replaced real politics

Calais Jungle, January 2016 by Malachy Browne

After David Cameron’s “gaffe” at prime minister’s questions last week, many will no doubt be wondering just what the appropriate term for a group of migrants is.

Bunch”, it was made clear, is off the table. Perhaps it should be a “school”, as in fish? A “murder”, as in crows? Or maybe even a “swarm”?

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Even if we banned Trump the Internet has rendered ‘hate speech’ laws redundant

Donald Trump, July 2015 by DonkeyHotey

The furore over the latest musings of the professional loudmouth Donald Trump has provoked an ironic response from those residing just across the pond from the US.

Those who venture onto the British government’s official petition website will find that at least 340,000 have signed a petition to block the American presidential candidate from entering Britain, at least as of Wednesday night.

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How Hollywood ruined Batman v Superman with overzealous marketing

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice via Warner Bros.

Just a few mornings ago I devoured the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer with great anticipation.

As a film fan and a comic book nerd, my reaction should have been crazed excitement. I should have come away unable to stop talking about new information, speculating endlessly over what a shot or piece of dialogue meant.

But instead, I’m ferociously angry, and bitterly disappointed.

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