Podcast Ep. 26: Bombing Syria (again), French elections and Sam Pepper’s phoney murder

Prime minister David Cameron’s contentious decision to bomb Syria dominates the podcast this week, as Jazza and Jimmy are joined by Myles Dyer, a cyber-philanthropist and YouTuber.

In the first segment Myles lays out his concerns about the vote in the Commons to bomb Syria as well as the West’s general involvement in the region, issues he also discusses in a video from his YouTube channel.

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Podcast (Ep. 11): YouTube Advertising, Ashley Madison Hack & Amazon Being Allegedly Shit

Jazza’s back from Summer in the City and obviously had to talk about something YouTube. Are the new advertising rules from Committee of Advertising Practice (Cap) for vloggers on YouTube too strict? What do we think of the people who try to bypass these guidelines?

Jazza & Jimmy have their first on-air falling out. Is there anything wrong with using a dating website like Ashley Madison which encourages people to cheat on their partners? What are the consequences of the hack? Did the users have it coming?

And finally – though we all already knew this – according to the New York Times front page, Amazon has some shitty business practices. Jeff Bezos, the chief executive, disagrees, but how much of the blame is on us as consumers for ignoring the way they treat their blue-collar and white-collar workers?

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Podcast (ep.7): Is Oh My Vlog Racist? London’s Conservative Mayor & Donald Trump

In this week’s Podcast it’s Jazza, Jimmy AND John. Just one more member and we’re a Union J tribute act.

We discuss the new ‘dead-tree’ publication, Oh My Vlog! which focuses on the most popular in the YouTube community like Zoella, Joe Sugg and Alfie Deyes. Does the number of white faces show wider racism in the UK YouTube community and the mainstream media? Three white, privately educated men discuss.

The Conservatives have announced their shortlist for the London Mayoral Election and have snubbed Ivan Massow and Sol Campbell, two high profile candidates, in favour of Zac Goldsmith running against three nobodies. Is this the Tories announcing Goldsmith as their preferred Mayor in all but name? Yes, almost definitely.

And Donald Trump is the leader in the polls on the Republican side of the USA Presidential Elections. This is hilarious. We laugh a lot.

Podcast (Ep.1) | Cameron’s Europe, Labour Leadership and Owen Jones on YouTube

The Right Dishonourable Podcast Ep 1 Pic

Welcome to our first foray into ACTUAL podcasting.

Sit back, relax and have a chuckle as Jimmy and Jazza learn to walk again. We talk about David Cameron being a little bit embarrassing as he visits all his bezzie-mates in the EU ahead of the referendum, the shit-storm that is the Labour leadership between Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall, and why the hell everyone seems to have a YouTube channel these days. (We’re looking at you Owen Jones!)