Confused King Cole drives tank to BBC HQ

Many will have heard of the bemusing petition to have Jeremy Clarkson reinstated after what the BBC conveniently dubbed a “fracas” with a Top Gear producer, thus exempting journos from having to spell out any of the widely known allegations against the motorhead.

Led by political gossiper Guido Fawkes, the document has now reached 1,000,000 signatures, shortly after Guido lieutenant Harry Cole drove a tank up to BBC Broadcasting House just off Oxford Street in London to deliver those already collected.

In a bizarre interview to hacks gathered outside the Beeb’s HQ, Cole attempted to justify the petition’s request whilst skirting the fact that Clarkson is alleged to have sent a man to A&E for want of a warm steak, the kind of behaviour that would warrant a sacking from most any other job.

Source: on demand news

“Punish Clarkson all you need, but don’t punish the viewers,” Cole said, ignoring the obvious fact that in his terms they are one in the same, given that he deems the presenter “an integral part of the most popular show the BBC makes”. If the Beeb cannot harm the fans, what power do they have over Clarkson?

“Not everyone has the same leftwing, metropolitan, liberal-elite outlook on life that the BBC have,” he continued to bluster. Does he mean to suggest that prohibiting workplace violence is some radical leftwing ruse?

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