Ukip fail to realise Facebook is so passé

Kippers have a reputation for being of a – ahem – certain age, so nobody should find it too surprising they are kicking around Facebook, which all the cool kids know is, like, so 2014.

What is shocking is that the Purple Shirts wish to draw attention to their lack of connection with da kidz by announcing that people “like” Ukip leader Nigel Farage more than his fellow nationalist Alex Salmond, former leader and current puppet-master of the Scottish National Party.

Sadder still is the fact that Monsieur Fromage cannot even claim first place, but bags the title of “the most popular leader who is not currently the prime minister”, or – in English – the second most popular leader.

Over on the rather more trendy (if no less asinine) shires of Twitter, Monsieur Fromage is still behind the big three party leaders, with 209,000 followers compared to Nick Clegg’s 226,000, Ed Miliband’s 424,000 and David Cameron’s 967,000 – a legion DVD Dave has accrued despite a hectic schedule of Better Call Saul and occasional commitment to running the country.

The Right Dishonourable would check Tumblr to ridicule the Kippers further, but we have urgent redditing to get back to.

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