BBC shames partially deaf MP by accusing him of dozing in Commons

BBC Leeds, September 2006 by Tim Loudon

The BBC was forced into embarrassing retreat after it retweeted a picture claiming that an MP was “resting his eyes” during a session in the Commons.

Alec Shelbrooke, Tory MP for Elmet and Rothwell, looked as though he might have been sleeping because of the angle of his body, prompting an image of him to be shared on social media by BBC Newsbeat.

Alec Shelbrooke apparently sleeping from BBC

Unfortunately for the Beeb it later emerged that Shelbrooke is partially deaf, and was placing his ear next to a speaker built into the Commons pews in order to hear what was being said. This prompted a swift apology.

This backtrack followed digging by ITV’s Paul Brand, who had rewound the video in question to capture an image of the Tory MP with his eyes open.

Image Credit – BBC Leeds, September 2006 by Tim Loudon

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