Oaf whining that Corbyn didn’t sing national anthem destroyed on live radio

God Save the Queen pillow, November 2009 by Simon Whittaker

A halfwit who phoned into a radio show to complain that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn didn’t sing the national anthem at a memorial service was humiliated when it turned out his argument was bollocks.

The unnamed caller, who began his ill-informed opinion with the phrase “it’s alright to have principles and ideals”, was taken down on Wednesday by LBC Radio’s James O’Brien after the caller labelled Corbyn’s actions “disgraceful”.

Corbyn, a republican and atheist, had stood in respectful silence throughout the Battle of Britain memorial, prompting Fleet Street to lose its shit and morons of all stripes to proffer their opinions on why the Labour leader was such a rotter.

However O’Brien pointed out that the standard version of God Save the Queen makes no mention of soldiers, before challenging the caller to say the first line of the second verse, which he could not do.

Perhaps for his own good somebody should disable that man’s phone line…

Image Credit – God Save the Queen pillow, November 2009 by Simon Whittaker

Jimmy Nicholls
Jimmy Nicholls
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