These wretched anti-democrats are the real enemies of the people

Of all the surprises in the Westminster soap opera that have followed from the British public’s vote to leave the EU, none matches the rise of Europhiles to the forefront of British political life.

During the referendum the remain campaign was, much to the retrospective regret of its chiefs, big on the economics and small on the emotion. England, it was unsaid, does not love the EU. Our marriage was one of convenience – in migration queues, for roaming data fees and for those Britons who wanted to live abroad.

The march of the remoaners on Saturday is, for that reason, something special.

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Anti-racism’s high priestess is deeply confused about Britain’s heroes

Lion Afua Hirsch heroes

The death of Winnie Mandela, wife of Nelson and key figure in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, has prompted inevitable jostling between the opinion sections of Britain’s newspapers.

The Graun fielded a complaint from Afua Hirsch that the obits would have been nicer if Winnie was a white guy. This was prompted by Andrew Malone of the Mail, who described Mandela as ‘an odious, toxic individual who continued to preach hatred rather than reconciliation right up to the end of her life.’

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Vince Cable is now pitching to the Metropolitan Undemocrats

There is much to dislike about the Lib Dems’ stance on Brexit, which is to overturn the vote through another referendum – a very European solution to the problem of voters not doing as their betters expect.

This is one reason not to support the yellows, who have fallen greatly since Nick Clegg led them into coalition in 2010. Another comes with the recent comments from the new leader Vince Cable on race and Brexit.

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