Culture Cast Ep. 1: Spectre, Sexy Octopuses and the Sissy Dr Swann

Only a month after the release of Spectre we get around to reviewing the James Bond, and possibly Daniel Craig’s last.

Kicking off with sexy octopuses and Sam Smith’s so-so theme tune, we do the obligatory comparisons to Casino Royale and Skyfall, whilst wondering why nobody remembers what happened in Quantum of Solace.

We then look at the flimsy characterisation of Madeleine Swann and Lucia Sciarra, as well as the subplots of the new M, Moneypenny and Q and whether Idris Elba could be Craig’s successor.

No need to reboot: Spectre and the genius of the Bond franchise

Daniel Craig in Spectre, October 2015 by TM Danjaq and MGM

Box office figures for the new James Bond film show that the longest-running franchise in cinematic history is in excellent health.

The 24th film in the series, Spectre, broke records in its opening week, racking up ticket sales of £52m ($80.4m) in its first six territories.

And whether you love, hate, or don’t care about 007, the 24 movies are a film phenomenon. Decades before Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe or the Star Wars saga, James Bond pioneered something coveted by today’s film studio execs – a “shared universe”.

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