Podcast ep. 117: Brett Kavanaugh to run for leader of the Liberal Democrats

Jimmy is away this week, but he is replaced by the infinately more feminine Alice Thwaite from both the TWAAATS and Echo Chamber Club podcasts.


We talk about the rejection of the Chequers deal by Donald Tusk and Theresa May’s response, question whether or not the Lib Dems even have a role in modern politics and Alice provides a nuanced take on the sexual abuse allegations against Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.


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Podcast Ep. 116: Boris Grabs Chance To Play ‘Single Dad’ Card

RD116 Boris Johnson getaway

This week we discuss the latest turmoils of one soon-to-be-divorced Boris Johnson, Serena Williams’ shameless drawing of the sexism card, and Elon Musk sharing a spliff with the much-more-successful-than-us podcaster Joe Rogan.

Joining us is whoever is still listening.

Image based on Boris Johnson, September 2013 by European Cyclists’ Federation

Podcast Ep. 115: Cable Moots Opening Lib Dems To Entryism

Right Dishonourable Lib Dem Entryism

This week we look at at Lib Dem leader Vince Cable’s plans to open the party to entryists, how easy it is to go from vlogger to journalist, and whether it’s okay to hate people because of their politics.

Joining us is our flaky commitment to structured openings.

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Podcast Ep. 114: I’m An Idiot, You Communist

RD114 communist cultural appropriation

A Corbynista’s claim to be a commie, Labour’s latest antisemitism scandal, and the ‘alt right’ – in old money – YouTubers joining Ukip are the three topics this week.

Joining us is the odd omission of any Trumpery.

Image based on March for the Alternative – Communist party, March 2011 by Dominic Alves

Podcast Ep. 113: Resignation Special Chequers Edition

RD 113 Burning Brexit Cabinet

Following the resignation of Brexitary David Davis, foreign secretary Boris Johnson and, er, Chris Green, the lads discuss the implications for Theresa May’s government and Brexit.