Ep. 226: The New New Labour Honeymoon

With the July election already over the horizon, we discuss the early weeks of the first Labour government in this podcast’s history (est. 2015). Over on the new opposition benches, the Conservative leadership jostle has begun in earnest. And across a pond, somebody took a shot at a certain orange man.

Joining us is Jazza’s visa application.

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Ep. 225: Extinction Event

After a hiatus of almost three months, the Right Dishonourable return to give our take on the upcoming general election. What do we make of the potential Conservative extinction? Will we be seeing a Lib Dem surge? And who exactly are Jazza and Jimmy voting for?

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Ep. 224: Willy Wragg

This week we’re discussing dick pics, and specifically those of William Wragg, an MP who gave out colleagues’ phone numbers to an internet randomer he sent naughty photos to. We then turn to Scotland’s new censorship, erm, ‘hate crime’ bill, and finish by discussing the six-month anniversary of the current Israel-Gaza conflict.

Joining us is Jazza’s latest bowel movement.

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Ep. 223: Galloway’s Cat

This episode we’re talking about prime minister Rishi Sunak’s surprise speech on extremism, how the last budget of this parliament will affect the coming general election, and our feelings about a Joe Biden and Donald Trump rematch for the next American presidential election.

Joining us is returning MP George Galloway’s best impression of a cat.

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Ep. 222: The Fourth Centrist Dad Awards

Back for yet another year, the Centrist Dad Awards is hanging out gongs for the big hitters of 2023. Categories include most banterous story, the worst case of political herpes, most honourable, most dishonourable, and the Ed Miliband Reason to be Cheerful Award.

Joining us is Jazza’s relentless competitiveness.

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