Ep. 188: It’s coming home?

In this week’s podcast we’re discuss home-comings, starting with England’s unlocking on 19 July as most Covid-19 restrictions ease. Is it a good idea? Should we still wear masks? Will we soon be sent home again? Prepare for speculation.

Those certainly coming home include American and British troops leaving Afghanistan after 20 years of unsuccessful conflict. As for the English football team, their odds of bringing some silverware home are about evens as the Euro contest draws to a close. It might come home.

Joining us are the lions that any underperforming footballers will be fed to.

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Isabel Oakeshott’s real scoop-getting record

Former Sunday Times political editor Isabel Oakeshott has taken to the Spectator to bemoan missing the scoop about Matt Hancock’s infidelity. The former health secretary quit last weekend, to much amusement (although not from his wife).

“I was sent a compromising picture of the then health secretary and his mistress almost a week before the Sun newspaper sensationally revealed their relationship,” Oakeshott wrote. “And I did not believe it was him.”

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Ep. 187: Consider Yourself Clinched

This week, Jazza learns what a clinch is and wonders just how Jimmy has managed to avoid the offensively graphic leaked images of disgraced former health secretary Matt Hancock and his bit on the side. Also discussed is the lack of privilege of white boys on school meals, as well as the technologically-stunted launch of GB News.

Joining us are the future job applications of GB News employees.

Ep. 186: Football without the Lads

This week we dribble further out of our comfort zones with a discussion on England football manager Gareth Southgate’s recent interventions on patriotism. After a cross over to cricketer Ollie Robinson’s historical problematic tweets, we hammer it into the net with a look at the G7 meeting in lovely St Ives.

Joining us are our broken holiday dreams.

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Andrea Leadsom picks her favourite Tory toy boys

Among the humiliations for Paul Williams in his run to become Hartlepool MP was the revelation that he had asked Twitter who their “favourite Tory milf” was in 2011. Some went a tad overboard in their criticism of it, with Shami Chakrabarti, Baroness Whitewash, calling it “unacceptable misogynistic abuse”.

In the spirit of equality, Marchamont wonders if the high-brows would react similarly if a female politician was similarly lewd. It is therefore interesting to hear the recent remarks of Andrea Leadsom, Conservative MP and previous leadership hopeful.

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