Why is the BBC publishing woke opinion pieces?

Marchamont recently stumbled across an obscure corner of the BBC website: Equality Matters. Although tricky to find from the main menu, the section’s stories appear in the likes of Google News, looking like any other BBC article.

These stories pose as objective features, but read as if the authors are laundering their own opinions. Headlines include “The harmful ableist language you unknowingly use”, “Why getting a name right matters”, and “Why it’s hard for people of colour to be themselves at work”.

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The Original Centrist Dad

Following reports of the twilight of the centrist dads, we discussed the continuing influence of Tony Blair, the Labour right and the Britpop generation on British politics. Joining us is Adam Radford, co-host of the Centrist Dads Podcast.

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The snowflakes who shattered over the Suez Canal blockage

Marchamont had to check the date on a Guardian story published just shy of April Fools’ Day. With the container ship Ever Given stuck in the Suez Canal, the British left’s flagship paper used to occasion to raise awareness of little-known phobias.

The images of the ship triggered bouts of submechanophobia, the fear of submerged manmade objects; megalophobia, the fear of large objects; naviphobia, the fear of ships and sea wreckage; and cetaphobia, the fear of whales.

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The trouble with the Northern Independence Party’s nickname

Normally new political parties sink without a trace. But amid the hubbub around the Hartlepool by-election, the fledgling Northern Independence Party (NIP) has caused a stir, being covered by everyone from the Daily Express to Novara Media.

No party is truly established until it acquires a derogatory nickname, as evinced by the Tories’ longstanding embrace of their own slur. It is therefore with some amusement that Marchamont notes one prominent suggestion for the Northumbrian separatists: ‘nips’.

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