Ep. 183: Local Election Bonanza

This week we discuss all elections local. Starting in London, we take a trip up to Scotland to discuss the potential break-up of the United Kingdom, before returning to Hartlepool. Expect a few diversions along the way.

Joining us is a surprise discussion on the Brexit referendum that nobody asked for or wanted.

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Society of Editors seeks diversocrat chief

Among the victims of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey was Ian Murray, executive director for the Society of Editors. Murray quit the society in March after he was condemned for defending the press from the royal couple’s accusations of bigotry.

“It is not acceptable for the duke and duchess to make such claims without providing any supporting evidence,” he said. “If it is simply the case the Sussexes feel that the press – by questioning their actions and commenting on their roles when working as royals funded by the taxpayer – were being racist, then they are mistaken.”

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Manchester mayoral candidate taken off Patreon

Andy Burnham seems likely to pick up a second term as Greater Manchester mayor when voters go to the polls in May, following his widespread acclaim as ‘King of the North’ during lockdown. His team will be further reassured by the struggles of Nick Buckley, running as candidate for Reform UK, previously the Brexit Party.

Last summer Buckley caught national attention after he lost his charity job for publicly criticising the Black Lives Matter movement. The founder of Mancunian Way, which aims to help young people, reclaimed his role after some kerfuffle. But there’s one platform he’s not returned to.

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Three London mayoral candidates ducked £10,000 charge for official booklet

Marchamont got his London election booklet in the post last week, listing the candidates for the mayoral and assembly elections. Unlike general elections, where such lists are hard to come by, London tells every voter who is up for election.

One less democratic aspect is the £10,000 fee charged to mayoral candidates to submit a ‘mini-manifesto’, effectively a one-page advert. This is on top of the £10,000 deposit that candidates must put down just to stand in the election. These elections are open to everyone, just like the Ritz.

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