Exit through the twit shop

I gave up browsing Twitter on a campsite in Dorset. It had been a long time coming, delayed unduly by the question of what would distract me while I was taking a shit. (Crosswords, as it happens.)

No great epiphany prompted it; rather the steady trickle of stupidity passing by my eyeballs everyday eventually took its toll. A website that is always running on full retard wears you down, and I was so tired, as the wokies say.

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Podcast Ep. 165: Our Plagued Friends in the North

This week we are asking what career would be right for you during the pandemic-induced economic crash, why it’s right the government keep smelly northerners in their homes, and why social media is forcing you to listen to this podcast.

Joining us is a professional Scouser boycotting this show.

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Podcast Ep. 164: The Boringest Generation of Homosexuals

This week we discuss this year’s second fun lockdown event, the inconvenient death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and whether the next generation of gay men will be boring.

Joining us is one of the more interesting homosexuals.

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Let the boys have their clubs

The only surprise in the news that the Garrick Club is facing legal action over sex discrimination is that it took so long. This year no old institution has been off limits to progressive calls for radical reform, but boys’ clubs have been acceptable targets for much longer and nobody can deny that a men’s only members’ club qualifies.

The complainant is Emily Bendell, chief executive of underwear company Bluebella. The entrepreneur instructed lawyers last Tuesday to send a letter to the club, informing it that she is seeking to reverse its policy of only allowing women into the club as guests or employees.

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