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The Right Dishonourable is looking for writers to contribute to the politics blog.

Mostly we focus on British politics, with occasional forays further afield. Subjects can range across everything from a furore about a bootylicious music video to proposals to ditch an entire tank fleet.

The main criteria are that the idea is interesting and the writing good. We aren’t politically neutral, but we’ll take most views that are well argued – with the caveat that we can veto anything too outlandish. It’s our website after all.

Sadly, we cannot afford to pay you. What we can offer is feedback on your writing from an experienced editor, exposure to our audience, and a byline. If that’s enough for you read further.


Pitches should be sent to, ideally with “pitch” in the title. Outline the idea in one or two paragraphs, explaining why it would be worth our audience’s time.

Feel free to include a sentence or two about yourself, and links to other published material. Drafts are also fine. Word counts should usually be anything from 300 words to 1,000. See recent articles for an indication of the style rules.

And if you’ve any further questions feel free to send me an email at the same address.