Podcast Ep. 69: Language Police Urge Twitter To Vote For Brexit Bill

RD E69 ape language police

A copper tweeting about LGBTTQQIAAP+ (and breath) language rules capped off a tricky week for the folks at Twitter, who are losing money at an impressive rate, even by Silicon Valley’s standards.

Meanwhile in Brexitland, the Tory government is threatening the uppity House of Lords with reform if they don’t hand over control of the exit to Comrade May.

Image credit – Detroit Zoo apes by Evan Hargus

Podcast Ep. 68: Trump Fingers May, Inks ‘Not’ Muslim Ban

RD 68 May Trump Pussy-Grabbing

UK premier Theresa May and The Donald met to begin their courtship with some, er, hand-holding, just before the new president enacted the so-called “Muslim Ban”, prompting a slew of lawsuits showing that America will indeed be great again, if only for lawyers.

Meanwhile in England, the ever relevant national church is continuing to have a tizzy over gay marriage, naturally angering one of our hosts.

Image credit – Karl-Ludwig Poggemann

Podcast Ep. 67: Trident Nuke Topples As Trump Takes White House

RD E67 HMS Victorious Strip

The inauguration of US president Donald Trump took an explosive turn this week as a test nuclear missile was shot in the wrong direction, albeit in an entirely unrelated event many months beforehand.

Meanwhile, some women walked around a few cities moaning about things, with one Theresa May saying she was so bored of Brussels she was going to abandon the whole thing.

Image credit – Trident Nuclear Submarine HMS Victorious by Defence Images

Podcast Ep. 66: Corbyn, Trump Rebrands Go About As Well As Expected

RD66 Jeremy Corbyn Soviet Gag

A New Year, and a new start for both US president-elect Donald Trump and the British Labour party chief Jeremy Corbyn gets off to a successful start – until the men start talking.

With one smearing his newspaper opponents as fake news for publishing a “dossier” of unverified intelligence, while the other adopts as many positions on immigration as he can, it looks like the sequel to 2016 is going to be eventful, if not outright terminal.

Image credits – Global Justice Now and AK Rockefeller

Podcast Ep. 65: Apocalypse Soon, Or 2016 In Review

Apocalypse Soon Or 2016 In Review

In our final episode for this year, we take a look at the highlights – well, mostly lowlights – of a turbulent 2016. Expect Donald Trump, Brexit, cleb deaths and other festive favourites to prepare you for next year’s armageddon.

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