Podcast Ep. 45: Digital Democracy, Sadiq Khan vs. Donald Trump & Queen vs. China

RD E45 Trump v Khan, Digital democracy, Queen v China

Britain’s dispiritingly analogue democracy, Sadiq Khan’s rebuttal to Donald Trump’s travel ban on Muslims, and Queen Liz berating “rude” Chinese officials are the three topics this week.

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Podcast (Ep. 14): Refugees Welcome, Labour chief Jeremy Corbyn and Queen Lizzie’s Record Reign

TRD Ep 14 collage, Solidarity with Refugees; Jeremy Corbyn; Queen Elizabeth

Refugees, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Queen Elizabeth II are the subjects of this week’s podcast as John joins again Jazza and Jimmy for more mildly informed and moderately offensive political discussion.

Following on from Saturday’s Solidarity with Refugees march in London, the Right Dishonourable discuss our thoughts on the emerging refugee crisis in Europe and Britain’s response to it.

We then turn their attention to the revolution in the Labour party as Jeremy Corbyn wins the leadership, Tom Watson the deputy leadership and Sadiq Khan the ticket to run for London mayor.

Rounding off, we discuss Lizzie Windsor’s impressive ability to remain alive in the most advanced age of medicine in human history, as well as why Jimmy would like to dethrone her and why Jazza remains a staunch supporter.

Image Credits – Solidarity with Refugees, September 2015 by John Servante; Jeremy Corbyn at Stop the War, February 2007 by David Martyn Hunt; Queen Elizabeth, June 2006 by Michael Gwyther-Jones. Editing by the Right Dishonourable.