Podcast Ep. 63: Boring Statement Kills Castro In The Old Bailey

RD 63 Fidel Castro

This week journalist Paul Osbourne joins us to discuss the conviction of  Jo Cox MP’s killer Thomas Mair, the “boring” first post-Brexit Autumn Statement, and the death of Cuban [dictator/tyrant/hero/icon] Fidel Castro.

Image based on Fidel Castro, Havana, 1978 by Marcelo Montecino


Podcast Ep. 25: the Autumn Statement, COP21 and blanking Katie Hopkins

Iceberg in Antarctica, January 2011 by Liam Quinn

George Osborne’s latest budget, this week’s climate change conference in Paris, and Brunel students’ spurning of rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins are the subjects of our latest episode, in which Jimmy and Jazza sound off about subjects they are vaguely familiar with.

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At every Labour fumble the professionals on the Tory front bench look wiser and wiser

George Osborne laughs at John McDonnell, Autumn Statement 2015, via BBC

For all the differences between the front benches in the Commons at the moment there is one thing that unites them: both sides are headed by career politicians.

Not the same sort of career politicians, mind. George Osborne, the Tory chancellor, is a man who prides himself on belonging to what he terms the parliamentary “guild”. As described by his biographer Janan Ganesh, this is defined by the view that:

“Politics is a trade with its own skills and codes that can only be learned on the job. It is not an amateur vocation for talented people from other fields.”

Two swords’ length away from Osborne, his shadow John McDonnell is of a different view.

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