Podcast Ep. 74: Six Jobs Osborne Eyes Buckingham Palace Vacancy

Right Dishonourable Six Jobs Osborne

George Osborne’s latest moneymaking scheme, the funeral arrangements for old Queenie, and the surprise popularity of American arch-leftist Bernie Sanders are the topics three for this week.

Joining us to discuss this and more is Myles Dyer, a friend of the podcast, cyber-philanthropist and vlogger, who can be found on YouTube and Twitter.

Image based on George Osborne and Wang Qishan from Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Podcast (Ep. 19): The Gay-Feminist Schism, Jeremy Corbyn’s Kneeling Problem, and The First Democratic Debate

Slutwalk London, June 2011 by Garry Knight

In this latest podcast Jazza and Jimmy cover a potential gay-feminist schism, Jeremy Corbyn’s trials with the Privy Council and the first US presidential debate of the Democratic candidates.

Following a long series of pieces covering the more censorious instincts of feminism Breitbart columnist Milo Yiannopoulos has finally declared that gay men and feminists are no longer on the same side. We ask our token gay man Jazza if this is true.

Turning to the Westminster village, we wonder if Jeremy Corbyn’s problems with the Privy Council are likely to go away anytime soon, quizzing our token republican Jimmy on whether he would have kneeled before old Queen Lizzie.

And lastly two ignorant Brits discuss the Democratic primary for the US presidency, which the pundits said Hillary Clinton won but the polls said socialist Bernie Sanders walked it. Who, if anyone, was right?

Image Credit – Slutwalk London, June 2011 by Garry Knight