Ep. 192: Belated 9/11

With our familiar promptness we release a podcast in time for the 20-year-and-one-week anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. We also discuss the Conservative plans to fund social care, and Labour’s subsequent bounce in the polls.

Joining us is a star-spangled banner.

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Ep. 191: One Night in Kabul

This week we discuss the fallout from the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan’s government, media commentary on Plymouth shooter Jake Davison, and OnlyFans’ decision to stop hosting pornographic content.

Joining us is a content platform that Jazza is somehow absent from.

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Ep. 190: Summer Silliness

With an absence of any interesting news, we decide to engage in some baseless speculation about what the rest of Boris Johnson’s premiership looks like. With three predictions each, who will be proven right?

Joining us are some lukewarm takes.

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Ep. 189: Cummings At The Discoteque

In this episode Jazza and Jimmy extensively review the BBC interview with Dom Cummings and inevitably descend into 2016-style Brexit head banging. After that we look at the government’s attempt at charging journalists for exposing state secrets, such as the ex-health secretary Matt Hancock’s clinching video.

Finally, two ageing millennials swap weary notes on the government’s plan to only allow access to clubs with confirmation of vaccination.

Joining us are Jimmy’s memories of the dance floor, sticky and full of shame.

Ep. 188: It’s coming home?

In this week’s podcast we’re discuss home-comings, starting with England’s unlocking on 19 July as most Covid-19 restrictions ease. Is it a good idea? Should we still wear masks? Will we soon be sent home again? Prepare for speculation.

Those certainly coming home include American and British troops leaving Afghanistan after 20 years of unsuccessful conflict. As for the English football team, their odds of bringing some silverware home are about evens as the Euro contest draws to a close. It might come home.

Joining us are the lions that any underperforming footballers will be fed to.

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