You can’t just decide who is working class

Earlier this week, Guido Fawkes brought back it’s occasional spotlight on the Twitter bitch fight of the week. This is not always a gendered affair, but in this case it pitted two women against each other: Grace Blakeley and Faiza Shaheen.

Blakeley is a leftwing academic and pundit, currently writing for Tribune magazine. Shaheen is an inequality wonk and former Labour parliamentary candidate. In theory they are on the same team.

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The phoney outrage over Labour NEC member’s call to deport Patel

Twitter is a professional hazard for any ambitious person. And the latest tweeter to make a twat of himself is Howard Beckett, a candidate to lead the union Unite and member of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC).

This week saw outrage in Glasgow over the attempted detention of two Indian nationals over suspected immigration offences. Amid the fury, Beckett criticised the home secretary Priti Patel, setter of immigration policy.

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Independence for London

In the wake of Sadiq Khan’s second mayoral election win and a vote for the capital’s assembly, we talk to Daniel Jacobs, assembly candidate for the Londependence party. As the pun suggests, the party advocates that London secede from the UK and go its own way, perhaps even rejoining the EU.

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