Ep. 220: Sparkly Starmer

After the obligatory discussion on the latest outbreak of the Israel-Palestine conflict, we turn to Labour’s probable last conference before it is expected to win the next general election. And then we have another bicker about free speech.

Joining us is Jazza’s Oxford smugness.

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Ep. 219: Conservative Estimates

Ahead of the Conservative party conference that is about to start in Manchester, we discuss the slew of anti-net zero policies announced by prime minister Rishi Sunak, home secretary Suella Braverman’s speech challenging the UN refugee convention, and the prospects of an election in spring 2024.

Joining us is the impromptu summer hiatus.

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Ep. 218: A Right Merchant Banker

In this episode, we discuss whether Nigel Farage losing access to his Coutts accounts is symptomatic of a wider problem with ‘debanking’. We then look at global boiling and the controversy over Ulez expansion in a recent London by-election. And we finish off by asking whether Matty Healy should have thrown a hissy fit over Malaysia’s homophobic laws.

Joining us is one sweaty Jazza.

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Ep 217: The Full Johnson

In this episode we discuss Boris Johnson’s undignified exit from the House of Commons – and perhaps British politics. We then turn to the various (alleged) crimes of former and possibly future US president Donald Trump. And we finish off with some humanities degrees bashing and/or defending.

Joining us is Jazza’s student debt.

Image based on Boris Johnson cabinet meeting, December 2020 by Number 10

Ep. 216: Ghosts of Tories Future

This week we discuss the future of conservatism after the recent spate of conferences, whether Ron DeSantis can beat the Donald to be the Republican presidential candidate, and whether ADHD is… wait, what were we talking about?

Joining us is Jazza’s attention span, briefly.

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