The TimeSplitters reboot revives one of gaming’s great underdogs

Last week the news snuck out that the classic first-person shooter TimeSplitters is being rebooted. What’s more, the game will be made by a revived Free Radical Design, staffed by two of the original studio’s founders, David Doak and Steve Ellis.

The entertainment industry is no stranger to reworking old intellectual property. Some would argue that it is rather too reliant on it, given the churn of Call of Duty and FIFA titles each year. But there is something special about Free Radical.

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Why Eurovision sucks

In the wake of Britain’s latest nil points earning entry – editors, insert applicable year – many of you will be wondering why exactly the Eurovision Song Contest is so bad.

Masochists who hate-clicked the title will of course be screeching in protest already. For some Eurovision is a key date in the calendar, artistically and politically potent. But you people are wrong. It is bad, and you should feel bad. 

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Ep. 184: Glas-stay

This week we discuss controversy over the attempted detention of two Indian nationals in Glasgow, the government’s plan to introduce mandatory ID checks at elections, and Eurovision – because Jazza.

Joining us is whoever the British entry is.

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You can’t just decide who is working class

Earlier this week, Guido Fawkes brought back it’s occasional spotlight on the Twitter bitch fight of the week. This is not always a gendered affair, but in this case it pitted two women against each other: Grace Blakeley and Faiza Shaheen.

Blakeley is a leftwing academic and pundit, currently writing for Tribune magazine. Shaheen is an inequality wonk and former Labour parliamentary candidate. In theory they are on the same team.

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