Ep. 209: Trussed Up Again

After a month of crashing the pound, scaring the Bank of England and panicking whatever the gilt markets are, Liz Truss risks being the shortest-serving prime minister in British history. We take a look back at her premiership, as well as the party conference season.

Joining us is a lost September.

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Ep. 208.5: Wake Me Up When Q4 Ends

To begin your September with optimism, here’s our bonus episode on the coming chaos of the last few months of this year. Rising energy bills, strikes, political dysfunction – things are so bad that even Jimmy is depressed about it. And Jazza is glad that his co-host has finally caught up.

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Ep. 208: The Reverse Robin Hood

This week in the Conservative leadership contest, we discuss Rishi Sunak’s policy of taking from the poor and giving to the rich, as well as Sky’s Kay Burley asking the real Liz Truss to please stand up. We then follow with the British monkeypox outbreak, and finish with US House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and whether it will start a war between two nuclear powers.

Joining us are Jazza’s vaccine troubles.

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Ep. 207: Trussed Up

This week we discuss who our next prime minister is likely to be: former chancellor Rishi Sunak or foreign secretary Liz Truss. (Spoiler: It’ll be Lizzie.) We then muse on reports that current prime minister Boris Johnson could be turfed out of parliament, and round it off with the January 6 committee in the US, which is investigating what very earnest American journalists like to call an ‘insurrection’.

Joining us is Jazza’s expired Conservative membership card.

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