Ep 217: The Full Johnson

In this episode we discuss Boris Johnson’s undignified exit from the House of Commons – and perhaps British politics. We then turn to the various (alleged) crimes of former and possibly future US president Donald Trump. And we finish off with some humanities degrees bashing and/or defending.

Joining us is Jazza’s student debt.

Image based on Boris Johnson cabinet meeting, December 2020 by Number 10

Ep. 216: Ghosts of Tories Future

This week we discuss the future of conservatism after the recent spate of conferences, whether Ron DeSantis can beat the Donald to be the Republican presidential candidate, and whether ADHD is… wait, what were we talking about?

Joining us is Jazza’s attention span, briefly.

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Ep. 215: Not Another Local Election

This week we will conspicuously not be covering the local elections, since they are boring and we forgot they were happening. Instead expect a catch up on Joe Biden’s second bid for the US presidency, the travails of the Scottish National Party and the census’s inability to accurately measure the number of LGBT people in the UK.

Joining us are our excuses for the three month hiatus.

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Ep. 214: Tax For The Memories

This week we discuss whether the sacking of Nadhim Zahawi from the cabinet shows that integrity has been restored to British politics (ha!). We also look at the incredible lies of US representative George Santos, and finish off with a light discussion on British constitutional affairs with a dash of transgender politics.

Joining us was a dry January for podcasting.

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Ep. 213: The Third Centrist Dad Awards

Returning for its triumphant third year, the Centrist Dad Awards takes a long look at 2022, preferably with a stiff drink. Jazza and Jimmy submit their picks for most banterous story, the biggest opportunist, the most cancel-worthy, the most honourable and the most dishonourable.

Joining us isn’t the impartial moderator we will definitely have next year.

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