Podcast Ep. 155: Dominic Cummings’ Drag Race

This week we discuss Dominic Cummings outrageous participation in scientific meetings, perverting the course of all right-thinking expertise etc. We then turn to Donald Trump’s advocacy for a bleach-based diet, and finish off with what Jeff Goldblum said about Islam on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Joining us is Jazza’s squeamishness about criticising religions that aren’t Christianity.

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How the Lib Dems lose friends and alienate people

Lockdown has led many of us to take up obscure hobbies to while away the hours cooped up at home. But Ed Davey, acting leader of the Liberal Democrats, is breaking new ground by dabbling in other people’s religious practices.

Davey is among several Lib Dems fasting as part of Ramadan this year, the MP having tweeted to Muslims “doing Ramadan in isolation, you are not alone!” He was joined by Layla Moran, an MP and potential future leader, as well as councillor Ian Manning, who helpfully tweeted a picture of the bacon he was breaking his fast with.

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