Tory lord chancellor condemns ‘enemies of the people’ headline

At the height of Brexit quarrelling, the Daily Mail ran an infamous piece attacking judges who had ruled that a parliamentary act was needed to begin Britain’s exit from the EU. With little subtlety, the headline described the judges as “enemies of the people”.

Conservatives have continued to bridle at judicial overreach, with the lord chancellor Robert Buckland having just opened a consultation on judicial review. It is therefore interesting that in a recent speech to Queen Mary University of London he took a swipe at the infamous headline, saying it covered neither judges nor the government.

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John Bercow learns to take the banter

During his time as House of Commons speaker, John Bercow earned a reputation as a cantankerous man. As well as annoying Brexiteers with his flexible attitude to parliamentary procedure, he often appeared pompous and irate in the chamber and was latterly accused of bullying.

Guido Fawkes was a leading critic of Bercow, publishing numerous unflattering stories. The rightwing blog must therefore be miffed that its attempt to embarrass the former speaker by flagging his services on Cameo has backfired.

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Keir Starmer confesses to guilt by association to Jesus House

Labour’s leader Keir Starmer became an indirect victim of offence archaeology as he was pressured into apologising for a visit to the anti-LGBT church Jesus House. He also deleted the offending video, lest anybody see it again.

“I completely disagree with Jesus House’s beliefs on LGBT+ rights, which I was not aware of before my visit,” he tweeted. “I apologise for the hurt my visit caused and have taken down the video. It was a mistake and I accept that.”

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Ep. 181: In Da Pub

You can find us in the pub once we’ve got our Covid stub, as we discuss in this episode. As well as covering vaccine passport trials, we discuss the David Cameron lobbying scandal and Keir Starmer’s visit to a homophobic church.

Join us, but don’t give us a hug.

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Lisa Nandy attacked Tony Blair in foreign policy speech

The shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy used her first major speech in the role to criticise former prime minister Tony Blair. Rejecting the “uncritical embrace of economic globalisation in the 1980s”, she argued that New Labour became convinced the model was “not a choice, but a fate”.

“It ushered in an era of flexible labour markets and deregulation ‘to untie the hands of business’ as the then prime minister [Blair] described it in his Chicago speech,” Nandy told the Chatham House think tank.

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