Ep. 196: Boris’s Bacchanalia

This week we talk Johnson, Johnson and Johnson. With revelations on Christmas bashes, refurbishment bungs, and newborn babies, how much of a future does Bojo have as prime minister? Find out… whenever he loses his job. In the meantime listen to this.

Joining us is Jazza’s existential dread.

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Ep. 195: The Owen Paterson Denigration Society

This week we talk about money-grabbing Westminster politicians, the Austrian lockdown for the unvaccinated (turned into a full lockdown after we recorded), and the cancellation of a train line upgrade between the East Midlands and Leeds – which is somewhere in the North, isn’t it?

Joining us are the perils of recording a topical podcast.

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Ep. 194: The Greater Stink

There’s a whiff in the air as we discuss the government’s plans to pour sewage into our rivers (Is this right?). At least we’ll be able to fly away cheaply, as air passenger duty is relaxed under a budget that has money for a Beatles museum, beer brewers and even Whitehall. And lest we sound too optimistic, we turn to the exit of Sussex professor Kathleen Stock over her views on the trans debate.

Joining us is a strong IPA, while we can still afford it.

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Ep. 193: Labour’s Difficult Rebirth

Keir Starmer headed down to Brighton this week to show the Corbynites what for at Labour’s first conference since the general election in 2019. Did he succeed? Are the Conservatives still “scum”? And just who is Andy McDonald?

Joining us are the answers to at least some of those questions.

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Ep. 192: Belated 9/11

With our familiar promptness we release a podcast in time for the 20-year-and-one-week anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. We also discuss the Conservative plans to fund social care, and Labour’s subsequent bounce in the polls.

Joining us is a star-spangled banner.

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