Rosmersholm has sympathy for our Brexit psychodrama


With a divided country driven mad by political strife as it hovers on the brink of a contentious election, you could almost imagine that Rosmersholm was inspired by Britain’s own fevered situation.

Though some minor details have amplified its relevance to our times, the Duke of York’s latest production is a revival of an 1886 work by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Centred on pastor and widower John Rosmer (played by Tom Burke), it follows his struggle to bridge divides between new and old friends and new and old politics.

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Podcast Ep. 133: Change UK Split Over Nando’s Bill

Chuka Umanna Nandos gag

Half of Change UK’s decision to leave the party rather than reform it from within, the cancellation of punk band Killdren over their plea to kill Tory scum, and the Trumpster’s UK tour are the three topics this week.

Joining us is Chuka Umanna’s undiminished ego.

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With Gerard Batten’s leadership done, Ukip likely is too

Gerard Batten via Derek Bennett

Rarely for the Ukip of late, it has been some time since they last had a leadership election. But with Gerard Batten indicating his tenure is at an end, the party may be entering its terminal phase.

Writing on Twitter, the former MEP said: “My term as UKIP Leader ends today. A big thank you to all who have supported my leadership & UKIP over the last 15 months, morally, materially & financially., The NEC will now begin a leadership election process, which will see the next leader elected within the next 90 days.”

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Alastair Campbell’s expulsion shows the folly of party loyalty

Alastair Campbell via Salford Uni

It is an irresistible irony that a spin doctor has lost his position for telling the truth. But for Alastair Campbell, former comms guy for prime minister Tony Blair, that is where we are.

On the night of the European elections, ‘People’s Vote’ Campbell, to use his Twitter name, told the BBC he had voted for the Liberal Democrats, citing Labour’s lack of a coherent policy on Britain’s exit from the EU and its lacklustre campaigning in the elections.

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Podcast Ep. 132: Don’t Cry For Me Miss Theresa

Right Dishonourable Episode 132 Theresa May

This week we belatedly discuss the resignation of Theresa May, the pandemonium at the European parliamentary elections and who will be next prime minister.

Joining us isn’t John Curtice, or anyone remotely qualified.

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