Podcast Ep. 173: The Last Train Out Of Tier 4

This week we discuss how Boris Johnson cancelled Christmas, waste and grift within Britain’s Covid-related procurements, and Liz Truss’s identity politics switcheroo.

Joining us is the season of ill will.

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Nobody should be called ‘Dr’

At the risk – nay, the certainty – of fuelling an already stupid argument, I would like to comment on whether the president’s wife, Jill Biden, should be using ‘doctor’ as a title.

The frivolity of this topic should probably be confined to a blog of the Right Dishonourable’s low esteem, but such is the nature of American journalism that the debate has spread from the Wall Street Journal to Vox via the Atlantic, the New York Times and the Washington Post. In Britain the Telegraph and the Independent are even now discussing it.

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No Bregrets

In the depths of remoaner denialism a stereotype emerged of the regretful leaver who, having seen the effects of his ballot, wished he had voted the other way. Such people were especially championed by those lobbying for a second ‘people’s vote’ because they didn’t like the first one.

Various polls will tell you that more people would vote to remain now than leave (although they said much the same on the referendum’s eve). We have nonetheless left, legally speaking, and the transition period that keeps us under EU rules looks likely to lapse without any formal arrangement of where we go from here.

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Podcast Ep. 171: Brexit Returns!

This week we relive the joys of 2019 with a will-they-won’t-they Brexit discussion on the latest deal, talk about the impending repeal of the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, and struggle to name a single active footballer.

Joining us is Jazza’s undying support for Arsenal.

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