Podcast Ep. 58: Scottish Independence, Parliament vs Brexit & Louis Smith Mocking Islam

Oliver Cromwell on Brexit

This week we discuss Scottish independence, Parliament’s role in Britain leaving the EU, an “Islamophobia” controversy involving an Olympian, and identity politics – joined by Carl Benjamin, better known as the YouTuber Sargon of Akkad.

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Leftist think tank advises Ukip not to bash Islam

In the wake of the slaughter at Charlie Hebdo in Paris the question of Muslim integration in the West has only become more vexed, but a report from the leftist think tank British Future (BF) is suggesting that it is “unlikely” to play a part in the general election in May.

A survey carried out by the group showed that 58 percent of Britons believed that most Muslims in the UK opposed the extremism and violence of IS, while 12 thought the opposite (the remainder were neutral or did not know).

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Hiding behind Western illiberalism is a poor defence of Islam

It was inevitable that the slaughter at the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on January 7th would excite comment on the strained relations between the West and Islam, and the London press was among many who obliged during the last week.

After a three day manhunt heavily chronicled by journalist around the world, and subsequent rallies in France attended by 3.7 million across France on Sunday, the publication of the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo is set to further concentrate minds on the constraints of free speech.

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