Podcast Ep. 58: Scottish Independence, Parliament vs Brexit & Louis Smith Mocking Islam

Oliver Cromwell on Brexit

This week we discuss Scottish independence, Parliament’s role in Britain leaving the EU, an “Islamophobia” controversy involving an Olympian, and identity politics – joined by Carl Benjamin, better known as the YouTuber Sargon of Akkad.

First, we discuss a proposal from the Scottish Nationalist Nicola Sturgeon, who is looking to engineer another referendum on independence in the wake of the EU referendum.

We then turn to whether Parliament will have a vote on the kind of exit Britain will take from the EU, an issue currently being challenged in the courts.

After that, we discuss a leaked video featuring gymnast Louis Smith in which he mocked Islam. (Naturally, a grovelling apology soon followed.)

And finishing up, we have a long talk on identity politics, women’s role in the workforce, Jess Phillips MP, and much else besides.

Image based on Oliver Cromwell, August 2009 by R/DV/RS.

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  1. Left wing Milo? Hahahahahahahahaha

    No, a few IQ points away from that. Well, a lot actually. Oh Sargon, you always make me laugh.

    1. Distinguish the contemporary ‘right-wing’ from the historic ‘left-wing’.
      Or vice-versa.
      Oh how bases have shifted drastically in a decade; for that reason I’d say Milo is more a petri-dish of both side’s ‘historic’ differences.
      In that vein, he’s probably more liberal than the immediate ‘liberal fascist’ of the ‘left’.

  2. A very interesting conversation. Very professional, informative, and engaging. Continue the fine work!

  3. Hi Fellas
    First time listener
    Liked the podcast but you should really work on your audio quality!

  4. Computer programming at Bletchly Park was not “programming” but data entry. Apples and oranges

  5. Real;ly entertaining conversation with diverging view points; I’m glad you kept a pleasant tone throughout as well as a constant undercurrent of humour. It’s given me some new perspectives on the issues raised as well as others of their dominating the MSM at present.


  6. What is with you Brits and apologizing? If someone is offended you don’t say sorry, you laugh.

  7. Really enjoyed the discussion! Good to see open minded people on the left who don’t just throw out the buzz words when people disagree with them .

  8. this podcast has put me off of sargon a bit he’s saying we don’t need ukip but even though they are in shakey times we still need someone who can put pressure on the Tories may has already scraped they idea of a points system and she’s ok to do that there are other ways of doing it but the fact that she said we voted for SOME control of migration means we might not get what we want

  9. For fuck sake stop saying um every third word, its ridiculous your doing a podcast learn how to talk. Apart from that great podcast, nice to hear leftist scum actually talk about a point rather than keep crying racism.

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