‘Concerned Student 1950’ social justice warriors merrily trample on the free press

Concerned Student 1950 vs the media, screencap via Mark Schierbecker

Censorious students are moving from ironic to trite with remarkable speed these days, even given the famed naivety of undergraduates when it comes to political moorings.

In Britain the Spectator termed the latest generation of pupils the “Stepford Students” some months ago, with the author Brendan O’Neill’s main title Spiked also putting together an index on which universities were the most illiberal in terms of free speech.

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South Park prepares to confront social justice brigade over body shaming in ‘Safe Space’

Safe Space, via South Park

South Park has never been the sort of cartoon that will avoid offending people if it can help it, and judging by a tweet from the series’ official account social justice warriors could be the latest target.

“Safe spaces”, in the social justice lexicon, refers to environments which restrict free speech in a supposed bid to protect marginalised groups from the stigma or criticism they face in mainstream circles.

However it looks like they could be in for a rough ride from South Park’s creators:

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BuzzFeed sneers at men for being men at Tory conference panels

Naked Green Men, September 2007 by Pedro Ribeiro Simoes

BuzzFeed, in keeping with the, er, “progressive” left’s adoption of sexism as a political strategy, has published a rather charming article sneering at men for, er, being men whilst doing things.

In celebration we’ve readapted the article to jeer at women for being women while doing things, just to ensure the balance of the universe is kept in check.

1. This Countryside Alliance event where the girls discussed why people who shoot animals are “the real conservationists”.

(We can’t post the image here. It’s owned by BuzzFeed. Or Jamie Ross.)

2. Look at all these women talk about money.

3. Here are the fillies talking about a campaign to make people walk more.

4. This Campaign for Real Ale fringe meeting where the lasses had some banter about beer and pubs.

5. This event was hosted by the CPS think tank, where six women all talked about Europe like great big bootylicious babes.

6. Here are some legends in deep discussion about #fotbot. (Women can be legends, right?)

7. These women talked about technology and machines. It was like Grumpy Old Women (This is the best you could do? – Ed). Fantastic.

8. Here are four massive ladettes taking action on housing.

9. These biddies led the discussion at the LGBTory fringe.

10. There are structural challenges facing charities, but don’t worry – these chapettes have it all in hand.

11. Here are some ladies discussing the exclusively female issue of council tax. (Needs some work – Ed)

12. This event from Conservative Home looked particularly fun and oestrogen-filled.

13. Here are lots of women watching a smaller number of women talk about the “northern powerhouse”.

14. These chapesses are sorting out local government for everyone.

15. Women. Finance. Technology. Lovely stuff.

16. Finally, here are some women thinking in their “think tent”.

All sounds a bit sexist when you put it like that, doesn’t it?

Image Credit – Naked Green Men, September 2007 by Pedro Ribeiro Simoes