Podcast (ep.6): Labour/ Lib Dem Leadership, Gays in Russia & Her Royal Heilness

Jazza is back from Russia! And in this episode he shed some light on the LGBT life in Moscow with the conversations he had with gay and homophobic Russians.

But not before Jazza & Jimmy discuss the Labour and Lib Dem leaderships. Why is Jazza not Tim Farron’s biggest fan? Why doesn’t Jimmy really care that the Telegraph newspaper wants to sabotage Labour? Find out in this week’s podcast.

And finally we talk about THAT Sun front page, with the Queen doing the Nazi salute as a 7 year old girl. Is it fair for them to publish it? Was the pun ‘Her Royal Heilness’ really that terrible?


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Page 3 will only vanish if progressives appeal to the facts

The return of bare flesh to the third page of The Sun on Friday overturned days of crowing by the left-wing press and political classes, much of it orchestrated by the Guardian, which holds as much love for Rupert Murdoch as North Korea does for its southern neighbour.

Throughout the week the Guardian ran a series of stories celebrating the demise of Page 3, following a report in The Sun’s sister paper The Times on Monday. Most prominent of these was a piece by columnist Joan Smith, rather prematurely titled: “The sexual revolution made Page 3 possible. A feminist revolution ended it.”

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