Podcast Ep. 6: Labour and Lib Dem Leadership, Gays in Russia & Her Royal Heilness

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Jazza is back from Russia! And in this episode he shed some light on the LGBT life in Moscow with the conversations he had with gay and homophobic Russians.

But not before Jazza & Jimmy discuss the Labour and Lib Dem leaderships. Why is Jazza not Tim Farron’s biggest fan? Why doesn’t Jimmy really care that the Telegraph newspaper wants to sabotage Labour? Find out in this week’s podcast.

And finally we talk about THAT Sun front page, with the Queen doing the Nazi salute as a 7 year old girl. Is it fair for them to publish it? Was the pun ‘Her Royal Heilness’ really that terrible?


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  1. Hello Jazza, If you want to know more about gay community and if you can find someone who can translate this video in english I recommend you to watch this
    It is an interview of a bisexual man who lives in Russia He supports anti gay propaganda law and fully staisfied with this situation. Also there is a group of people who leaving a double life. They have a traditional families with wives and children. But they also are on gay dating sites searching for sex (especially with the young ones)/ They are called “kolbasniki” becaus—É they often use sausages (“kolbasa”) or cucumbers to… (I hope you understand). So I’m wondering do you have this sort of people in your country
    As for me, I’m from Belarus and I’m goinng to immigrate in Europe or Usa in the future. Sorry for my english (I had 8/10 in english)

    1. Pavel! You’re our first comment ever! Thank you so much! We’ve so made it now!

      Can you do me a favour. I’d love to use this video in what I’m putting together. Would you be able to tell me the times in the video that are particularly interesting? Then I can get someone to translate them for me (rather than the whole video). Where is the video from? Is it from a radio station etc?

      What you described of people living double lives seems very similar to what used to happen in the west before homosexuality became more accepted. In fact, that was the norm. And, like I said, Russia is similar to the UK in the 80s so I’m not surprised there is that similarity.

      Your English is great, man! I can understand everything, and that’s the most important thing. It’s so cool to know that someone in Belarus is listening to our little podcast!

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