Podcast Ep. 101: The One With The Trolling Frenchman

Bayeux tapestry trolling

This week we look at French president’s Emmanuel Macron’s gift trolling, moves to regulate YouTube because its creators keep posting naughty things, and allegations that Friends is chock full of bigotry.

Joining us isn’t our lost youth.

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Podcast Ep. 90: Steve Bannon Rescued From White House Neo-Nazi Cult

Right Dishonourable - Steve Bannon online radical

Street-fighting in Charlottesville, Virginia; the defenestration of Donald Trump strategist Steve Bannon; YouTube’s latest plans to deprive creators of ad revenue; and former Mail hack James Chapman’s cries for a new remoaner British political party are the three topics (Ed: Um…) this week.

Joining us is comedian, musician and podcaster Christopher Bingham, better known as Bing, who can be found on YouTube, Twitter and on his tech podcast I Will Save You From the Future. Also here, for everything else.

Image based on Steve Bannon, October 2010 by Don Irvine

Podcast Ep. 75: Westminster Attack Provokes Overblown Rhetoric

Right Dishonourable Anonymous on Westminster Attack

A terrorist attack in Westminster, the desperately dull French presidential debates, and YouTube malgorithms blocking out innocuous LGBT-related content are the topics three for this week.

Joining us is Hussein Kesvani, a journalist who has worked at BuzzFeed and VICE, an upcoming author covering the Internet and religious identity, and a podcaster over at No Country For Brown Men.

Image based on Anonymous by Vincent Diamante

Podcast Ep. 26: Bombing Syria (again), French elections and Sam Pepper’s phoney murder

Prime minister David Cameron’s contentious decision to bomb Syria dominates the podcast this week, as Jazza and Jimmy are joined by Myles Dyer, a cyber-philanthropist and YouTuber.

In the first segment Myles lays out his concerns about the vote in the Commons to bomb Syria as well as the West’s general involvement in the region, issues he also discusses in a video from his YouTube channel.

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Podcast (Ep. 11): YouTube Advertising, Ashley Madison Hack & Amazon Being Allegedly Shit

Jazza’s back from Summer in the City and obviously had to talk about something YouTube. Are the new advertising rules from Committee of Advertising Practice (Cap) for vloggers on YouTube too strict? What do we think of the people who try to bypass these guidelines?

Jazza & Jimmy have their first on-air falling out. Is there anything wrong with using a dating website like Ashley Madison which encourages people to cheat on their partners? What are the consequences of the hack? Did the users have it coming?

And finally – though we all already knew this – according to the New York Times front page, Amazon has some shitty business practices. Jeff Bezos, the chief executive, disagrees, but how much of the blame is on us as consumers for ignoring the way they treat their blue-collar and white-collar workers?

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Image – Dan and Phil