Tories claim to be ‘party of working people’ – no, really

Whilst prime minister David Cameron once described himself as the “heir to Blair” he is currently working harder at emulating another ex-PM rather closer to the hearts of the Tory faithful, according to folks at the Torygraph.

In Wiltshire tomorrow “DVD” Dave will unveil the Tory manifesto with the intent of emulating Margaret “Milk Snatcher” Thatcher’s infamous “right to buy” scheme, which many still link to the current housing crisis in London and other areas of the country.

The move, which will cover housing associations, will affect around 800,000 tenants living in such homes, with discounts of more than £100,000 in the capital.

Ushering in the policy, DVD Dave will say: “Conservatives have dreamed of building a property-owning democracy for generations, and today I can tell you what this generation of Conservatives is going to do.”

Alongside this wheeze the Tories will also promise to find £1bn down the back of the sofa to fund a 400,000-strong house building scheme on brownfield sites, a scheme almost certain to work given the stellar record of the coalition.

All this, and a pledge to exempt minimum wage workers from income tax, will be funded by ordering councils to sell off some more assets when they become empty, which the Tories claim will raise £4.5bn.

No doubt all that recouped tax will allow those on £6.50 an hour ample opportunity to take out a mortgage on a nice recycling bin in Mayfair…

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