Podcast Ep. 5: Budget 2015, the Tim Hunt controversy and an alternative Labour leader

George Osborne at a reception following The Royal Wedding, 29 April 2011, by FCO

In this edition of the podcast Jimmy is joined by a friend to tackle the burning issues of the week, plus whatever made us laugh.

Topping the bill is the Tory budget, chancellor George Osborne’s first offering since shedding the pesky Liberal Democrats at the general election back in May. We discuss why the ostensibly radical plans are far more retrogressive than they initially appear.

Next in line is a discussion of scientist Tim Hunt’s controversial remarks on women in science, which last week came to a conclusion as University College London (UCL) ruled that it would not be reinstating Hunt despite a grovelling apology. But is this just another crude censorship of left-field ideas from what should be a curious, open-minded research body?

Lastly in our silly segment we suggest five new candidates for the Labour leadership, responding to the lacklustre crowd that have made it onto the ballot paper. Listen in to find out who made the grade.

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Header Image – George Osborne at royal wedding, April 2011 by Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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