Podcast Ep. 10: The Return of Corbyn, Job Rules for Mental Illness, and Cumberbatch’s Complaint

Benedict Cumberbatch playing Sherlock, March 2010 by Fat Les

In this episode Jimmy is joined once again by his friend for another week of questionably informed political chat.

Kicking off we once again muse on whether Jeremy Corbyn will finally be elected as Labour leader, and what it means for the future of the party, the Conservatives and ultimately the House of Commons.

Following on from this piece earlier this week, we tackle new Home Office guidelines around mental health checks that could prove to exacerbate the problem they are intended to solve.

And finally we wonder just why Benedict Cumberbatch caused such a fuss over the use of smartphones to record his Barbican stint playing Hamlet.

Update: Seems the production stopped the play because of technical issues rather than Cumberbatch’s complaint over filming. But as said below, we stand by our view the attitude is a bit precious.

Image Credit – Benedict Cumberbatch playing Sherlock Holmes, March 2010 by Fat Les

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  1. This podcast was an embarrassment. You completely misunderstood what happened during the Hamlet performance. There had been a couple of technical problems, including problems with the curtain, that had nothing to do with audience members filming, and so Benedict Cumberbatch had to restart his speech. Several people who were there tweeted about it during the interval. Later, when speaking to the fans outside, he told them that he saw the red light after he restarted, and found it “mortifying”. He did not stop the performance or restart because of the filming. Not one of you bothered to find out what actually happened before having a great laugh at his expense. You owe him an apology!

    1. Having listened again to his speech outside the theatre your explanation makes more sense than what we interpreted by it. That said, I don’t feel we owe him much of an apology as his complaint about filming in theatres is still rather precious.

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