Some 70 percent of Britons still monarchist shills, plus much hate for Henry VIII

Royal postage stamp 1953 by Archives New Zealand

More than two-thirds of Britons are under the mistaken impression the perfidious Windsors should remain ensconced at the top of the British state as queen Lizzie becomes the least perishable monarch in the country’s history.

Data from the pollster YouGov showed that 71 percent of the country think that Britain should keep its monarchy, whilst just under a fifth have the correct view that an elected head of state makes more sense in 2015.

Support for monarchy by YouGov, September 2015Despite the royalist circlejerk further evidence emerged that Charlie boy might be facing some problems should Lizzie finally decide to kick the bucket, as the poll revealed opposition to his wife Camilla being given the title of queen.

Nicola Wildash, research executive at YouGov, said:

“Only 16 percent believe Camilla should be called ‘Queen’ when Charles becomes King compared to 38 percent that prefer the title of ‘Princess Consort’. Just less than a third (32 percent) feel she should be given no title at all.”

Some 58 percent of the country also think Lizzie should work herself to death rather than quit early like some wimpish pope, while 28 percent believe that there comes an age where even a pampered Windsor might be too old for the job, with most of them thinking that time has already come for our current dear leader.

Tories also gave sensible people another reason to hate them by being the most supportive of the monarchy, with Labour supporters showing the firmest commitment to democratic accountability.

Meanwhile the Scots reaffirmed their social democratic credentials by being the least warm to the idea of the monarchy continuing, with only half of Scotland supporting that idea compared to 64 percent in London and 69 percent in the rest of the South.

Support for monarchy by party and age, YouGov, September 2015In a bemusing endnote, Henry VIII of six wives fame was voted “our worst ever monarch” by a fifth of respondents, who presumably haven’t heard of most of the others.

Further information on the poll can be found on YouGov’s website.

Image Credit – Royal postage stamp 1953 by Archives New Zealand

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