Tory staffer flees Corbyn rally in Crick chase

Tory Mike Watkinson at Corbyn rally Nuneaton, September 2015 by Channel 4

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Though the Blairites repeatedly assert that the Tories are unmoved by the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour party, the blues still appear to be sending undercover staffers to rallies of the hard left candidate.

That at least is the obvious conclusion from a video posted by Channel 4 in which Tory West Midlands press officer Mike Watkinson walked hurriedly away from a rally in Nuneaton after being confronted by Michael Crick, political correspondent at the broadcaster.

When contacted for comment by Crick the Conservatives confirmed their press officer was at the “public event”, but offered no explanation as to why he felt obliged to leave so soon.

Indeed at the time Crick asked if he was “Mr Watkinson from the Conservative party” the staffer replied that he did not know what the journalist was talking about, no doubt indicative of a sudden bout of amnesia.

For his part Corbyn said the man was welcome to stay, and aides of the likely Labour leader said that Watkinson had been the first person to show at the event.  

Future infiltrators of Corbyn rallies may wish to swap Watkinson’s copy of the Daily Mail for the Morning Star if they do not want to attract similar attention.

Image Credit – Mike Watkinson at Corbyn rally Nuneaton, September 2015 by Channel 4

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