Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn starts vlogging after an ‘eventful week’

Jeremy Corbyn, No More War, August 2014 by Garry Knight

Given the role that social media played in electing him to the top of the Labour Party, perhaps it was unsurprising that Jeremy Corbyn would make a foray into the murky world of YouTube vlogs on Friday.

Speaking in a single take, Corbo rambled on the topics of Islington, prime minister’s questions, and the various rallies and events he has been going to or plans to attend.

Clearly the Labour leader is still invested in the sort of grass roots campaigning that has defined most of his political life, but when he describes an obscure campaigner as “legendary” is only serves to highlight his distance from most Britons.

Judging by the video title there is also a rather dismal lack of understanding about search engine optimisation in the Labour camp. Should this turn out to be a long-term play perhaps they will put out an advert for someone who can drop a decent hashtag…

Image Credit – Jeremy Corbyn, No More War, August 2014 by Garry Knight

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