Oakeshott: Cameron pledged to ‘trash’ piggate biography ‘whatever it said’

Pig's Head, January 2009 by Chareze Stamatelaky

However true the claim that prime minister David Cameron stuck his cock inside the gob of a dead pig, it has certainly defined the reception of Call Me Dave, the biography which publicised the rumour.

Yet Isabel Oakeshott, the former Sunday Times hack who co-wrote the book with Tory peer Michael Ashcroft, believes that the Conservative leader would have panned the book “whatever it said.”

Speaking at the book launch on Monday night, which Ashcroft could not attend due to health problems, Oakeshott said that she had discussed the book with DVD Dave prior to its being written:

“[Cameron] went on to say – quite politely – that he wouldn’t cooperate with our book and furthermore, he would trash it whatever it said. So I brush this off but it did show what we were up against and he did exactly what he said he would do and I must say I don’t really blame him, this is politics.”

Earlier in the evening Oakeshott also claimed that Cameron dismissed an earlier biography about him by journalists Francis Elliott and James Hanning, Cameron: Practically a Conservative:

“I asked Cameron that time if he liked the book. His reply was — and I’m sorry for the language but these were the exact words — ‘No, it’s a piece of shit.’ And that was a book that he had asked everyone around him to cooperate with.”

At the event it was revealed that Ashcroft had been diagnosed with septic shock and suffered multiple organ failure, as revealed by this video that some in the audience were said to have initially taken for a spoof.


Whilst the condition was life-threatening, Ashcroft is said to be recovering.

Despite the rather sycophantic end to the news report, the Tory peer’s influence in the country where he spent some of his earlier years has not always been popular among Belizeans.

Image Credit – Pig’s Head, January 2009 by Chareze Stamatelaky

Jimmy Nicholls
Writes somewhat about British politics and associated matters. Contact jimmy@rightdishonourable.com

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