Podcast Ep. 20: Germaine Greer’s Transphobia, China in Britain and Seumas Milne’s Labour spin

Germaine Greer at Humber Mouth Festival, July 2006 by Walnut Whippet

Jazza and Jimmy are back at it and this week discuss Germaine Greer publicly defending her comments that-trans women aren’t women.

Meanwhile Chinese president Xi Jinping just had a lovely time being entertained by Mr. Cameron and the Queen so that British projects can get investment from China. Surprisingly, Jimmy schools Jazza on his China knowledge.

Finally, who is Seumas Milne, Jeremy Corbyn’s new spin doctor? Does he hate the West? Does it matter? And what are the consequences for Corbyn’s Labour party?

Image Credit – Germaine Greer at Humber Mouth Festival, July 2006 by Walnut Whippet

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to leave a comment in response to your discussion about Germaine Greer. While I can understand Jimmy thinking most feminists would support her (the Internet can make it feel that way) I don’t think this is true for modern feminism/the kind that is popular at university. I go to university in Australia & am involved in feminist organizing there and have never met another feminist (in real life) who doesn’t acknowledge the importance of including trans women. Almost every uni group uses the term “identifies or has lived experience as a woman” to specifically include them. So while I agree with her being allowed to speak, I can’t imagine her being particularly welcome amongst women’s groups on a university campus.
    Sorry if this is too long, just wanted to clarify that she is not representative of modern feminism (in my experience)

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