Twitter bitch fight breaks out between Indy hack and Corbynites at Novara Media

Indy vs Novara

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The insurgent Novara Media, an alternative media outlet founded by one Aaron Bastani, appears to be attracting attention from the old guard at Fleet Street, as well as Guido Fawkes, which has been drawing ever closer to the Murdoch press.

In the last week Bastani attacked the Independent on Sunday’s political editor Jane Merrick after she criticised Jeremy Corbyn for regularly rebelling against Labour by voting against government legislation under Tony Blair during the late 90s and early 00s.

Shortly after Merrick responded to Bastani’s jibe, dubbing him a “non-journalist”.

And even the Guardian’s Owen Jones, a rare journalist who openly and actively campaigns for Jeremy Corbyn, weighed in on the matter:

One of the reasons for the hostility is that Bastani has been an open and determined critic of the mainstream media, tweeting such gems as this whilst promoting a recent crowdfunding effort for Novara:

Coverage on Novara is also markedly more generous to Labour’s new leader Jeremy Corbyn than most of the opinion being published from Fleet Street papers.

Whether this reflects the views of Britons at large is dubious, but clearly the activities of Bastani are alarming enough to warrant write-ups on Guido Fawkes, which branded him a “notorious Twitter troll” in a recent piece.

But whilst there are undoubtedly some lamentable aspects to Bastani’s behaviour, it is hard not to conclude there is a grain of truth to some of his views…

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