Ukip attack video lambasts David Cameron for EU ‘renegotiation con’

Map of Europe, October 2008 by Kevin Hale

The Kippers are finally rolling out the tanks for Britain’s upcoming referendum on membership of the European Union, launching an attack video against David Cameron on Wednesday.

The gist of the video is that the prime minister is a naughty man who is deceiving the public about his ability to renegotiate more favourable terms for Britain’s continued membership.

Many commentators have noted the lack of a defined shopping list going into negotiations, which most have interpreted as a means of hedging – if you don’t say what you want you cannot be criticised for not getting it.

Those of a mind with Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens will no doubt argue this is the latest in the long line of deceit by British politicians with regards to the European question, a view he put forward in BBC doc This Sceptic Isle.

Image Credit – Map of Europe, October 2008 by Kevin Hale

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