On the Fringe: David Elston, Pirate Party UK

Pirate Ship and the Setting Sun, August 2009 by Paul Hamilton

Pirate Party UK is our first brave volunteer as we explore the fringe movements campaigning against the dominance of the Westminster parties in British politics.

Speaking to the deputy leader David Elston, newly elected as part of a leadership change following the general election, we delve into what the Pirates stand for, why authenticity is a new force in campaigning, and what effect Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership is having on smaller parties.

Image Credit – Pirate Ship and the Setting Sun, August 2009 by Paul Hamilton

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  1. The Pirate Pasty seems to have collapsed, has no leadership any more and many problems (According to the leader, on reddit – see /r/piratepartyuk and their own board minutes on pirateparty.org.uk) and is not making any of that clear publicly whether to their own membership or everyone else.

    If I were paying membership fees (and I’m not any more) to the pirate party I’d be very cross about the fact that they don’t seem to be a party any more.

    It seems amazing that the deputy leader has been able to give this interview whilst his party is collapsing without touching on that collapse. Its even more amazing given the claims of integrity and openness that are made by the party.

    This group needs to come clear, they aren’t able to fight the fight that needs to be fought (hm sorry about that!), the issues are vital, but having a group that simply aren’t able to take action means that we are overly complacent about what is being done.

    Maybe someone could ask for a statement on the issue, because at the moment I’m a bit amazed that ‘Pirate Party UK loses entire leadership’ is the fringe political story that no one is talking about, which might in itself be an indicator of just how much impact some fringe parties can make.

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