Podcast Ep. 29: Corbyn’s Revenge Reshuffle, North Korea’s Nuclear Bomb & Fat Cat Tuesday

Jeremy Corbyn, No More War, August 2014 by Garry Knight

Rusty from the New Year’s break, Jazza and Jimmy discuss Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s reshuffle, North Korean nuclear bombs and Fat Cat Tuesday.

First up: does the “revenge reshuffle” have as much bite to it as the mainstream media seemed to believe? And should the BBC encourage shadow cabinet members to resign live on air?

Turning next to Asia, we pick apart North Korea’s latest nuclear weapons test. Are we all going to die? What is the difference between all these atomic bombs? And would China back the Great Leader in a fight to the death with the Yanks?

Lastly we discuss how poor you are, and whether it matters that a FTSE executive earns more in his lunch break than you do in a month. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Image Credit – Jeremy Corbyn, No More War, August 2014 by Garry Knight

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