Podcast Ep. 32: Google’s Taxes, Iowa Primary, Cameron’s diversity pledge

RD E32 Google tax, Iowa caucus, Cameron diversity

Google’s tax deal, the American presidential primaries and a diversity pledge from David Cameron provide the table talk for this week as Jazza and Jimmy are joined by Nick Mazzei, an ex-army Conservative member and sometime Huffington Post blogger.

Kicking off, we discuss whether the £130m deal secured by chancellor George Osborne this week is a sign of things to come, following years of anger at Silicon Valley’s refusal to pay a reasonable rate of tax.

On Monday the state of Iowa will also signal the start the US primaries, in which the Democratic and Republican parties choose who will lead them into the presidential election this autumn. But who do we think will win?

And, in a return to form, we discuss a diversity pledge from our own British prime minister, who told the Sunday Times that there were too many poshos dominating our elite universities. Expect the usual rancour.

Image Credit – Google Logo, January 2010 by Robert Scoble; Politics at Iowa State Fair, August 2015 by Phil Roeder; Radcliffe Camera, Oxford, March 2014 by James Clark

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