Podcast Ep. 35: #Brexit, Private School Dominance & Britain at the Eurovision

RD E35, EU Flag, August 2011 by Bobby Hidy

The coming EU referendum, a report on the dominance of the privately-educated and the, er, Eurovision Song Contest are the subjects three of this week’s podcast.

On the first front, the #Brexit campaign is truly under way with Tory grandees Boris Johnson and Michael Gove among the “out” camp. Where do the boys stand? What are we worried about? What are our predictions?

Meanwhile, the Sutton Trust has released statistics on the proportion of privately educated kids in the top professions. Unsurprisingly, those from independent schools dominate. Is this even a problem? Can or should we change this?

Finally, a chance for Jazza and John to annoy Jimmy with the Eurovision after the UK allowed the public to select its representative in a televote. Can we ever get Jimmy to believe there is more to the contest than shit music?

Image Credit – EU Flag, August 2011 by Bobby Hidy

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