Podcast Ep. 36: Trump vs Clinton, Ireland’s electoral stalemate and Snooper’s Charter

RD E36 Donald Trump, Enda Kenny, GCHQ

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Donald Trump’s near-certain nomination as a potential president, Ireland’s general election result and the revival of the Snooper’s Charter in Britain are the three topics for this week’s podcast.

Despite all past predictions to the contrary it seems like the Donald is going to win the presidential nomination for the Republican party, a scenario some grandees are increasingly resigned to.

Next our hosts stagger through an analysis of the recent elections in Ireland, in which no party emerged as the clear winner and no coalition can formed. And all as the Irish ponder Britain’s potential exit from the EU.

Lastly home secretary Theresa May has brought back the Investigatory Powers Bill, better known as the Snoopers’ Charter, which will let the government track all those times you googled “midget porn” if it is passed.

Image Credit – Donald Trump, April 2015 by Michael Vadon; Enda Kenny by March 2014, European People’s Party; GCHQ Always Listening, September 2012 by George Rex

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  1. I’m really enjoying the podcast and I’m currently on a binge listen while at work. Just a small quibble: while both Kasich and Rubio are trying to cast themselves as more moderate (Kasich more so than Rubio), both were elected with Tea Party support in 2010. The inmates have taken over the asylum, at least on the Republican side.

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