Podcast Ep. 42: Circumcised willies, Obama busts Brexit & Zac Goldsmith’s ‘racist’ campaign

RD E42 Circ, Barack Obama and London City Hall

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A court ruling on the parent’s right to circumcise their sons, the Barack Obama’s intervention on the EU referendum and accusations of racist Tory campaigning in the London mayoral contest are the three topics for this week’s podcast.

To begin, we discuss a civil court case in Britain that decided that if a couple cannot agree on whether to circumcise their son it will be left to the child to decide when they reach adulthood. But should parents even be given the choice?

Next we look at a speech from the US president, who has told Britain he believes we are better off inside the EU, and warned that the country is unlikely to be given a trade deal in the event of an exit. How damaging is this for the Leavers?

And lastly, we discuss the tactics of Tory mayoral hopeful Zac Goldsmith, who has repeatedly flagged the religion of Labour’s Sadiq Khan in a divisive race for to lead London. Are we becoming more like the Yanks?

Image Credit – Circumcision Protester, June 2008 by Franco Folini; Barack Obama, October 2011 by DonkeyHotey; City Hall, July 2011 by Richard Randall

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