Podcast Ep. 44: UK local election review, Europe’s child refugees & Tory academies reversal

RD E44, Alleyn's School, London City Hall, Syrian Refugee

Local elections across the British Isles, Parliament’s debate over child refugees and the Tories backing down from a radical education policy are the three topics for this week’s podcast.

To begin we look at elections in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England and – most of all – London. Will Sadiq Khan make a good mayor, and have we reached “peak SNP”?

Next we discuss the to-ing and fro-ing over whether to take 3,000 child refugees from Europe, asking why the Tories bungled such an easy public relations boost.

And lastly, in another mess-up for the Tories we examine what academy schools are and why there is such a fuss being made out of them. And Jazza attacks Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn once again.

Image credit – Alleyn’s School, December 2014 by Matt Brown; City Hall London, September 2015 by User:Colin; Afghan refugee, December 2010 by DVIDSHUB;

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