Podcast Ep. 137: Westminster To Vote On Aborting Tommy Robinson

Westminster vote on Tommy Robinson abortion

The forced(?) resignation of Britain’s ambassador to the US, Westminster’s attempt to loosen abortions restrictions and allow gay marriage in Northern Ireland, and the jailing of Tommy Robinson for the crime of journalism are the three topics this week.

Joining us are Jack and Ada from Totally Unprepared Politics.

Image based on Say no to Tommy Robinson, December 2018 by Garry Knight

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  1. Hi,

    Usually you produce an interesting podcast (not that I agree with all you say because that would be frankly weird) but I thought the lack of research you had done on the item about “Tommy Robinson” was just a wee bit obvious. Mr Yardley whatever, why the change of name? says loads I disagree with, his views on Brexit and Trump being wholly awful. However, it’s clear that this was no straightforward case of contempt he was being accused of. Unless I am being horribly tricked and misled, what he said on Facebook was after the conviction of the defendants and before sentencing. To do this was wrong and could have provided grounds for an appeal against the length of sentence so some sort of punishment was due. BUT, months and months in prison? That’s pretty hard and I am not so sure of that. The contempt allegation was really being stretched when the judge ruled in her written judgment that the feelings of the convicted were hurt (saints preserve us) which was pretty well what the contempt boiled down to. I am no expert on these things and every word I am writing here gives you plenty of evidence of that. However, I think that such a lengthy prison sentence (why? and who benefits?) needed more investigation than a lads down the pub review of it.
    Have a nice day.
    Best regards

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