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The real meaning of Angela Rayner’s long job title – The Right Dishonourable

The real meaning of Angela Rayner’s long job title

In the wake of the local elections, one of the biggest stories has been Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner’s new position. Or positions.

Seeming to pass the blame, leader Keir Starmer removed Rayner as party chair and national campaigns coordinator as the results came in. However, some have argued the deputy came out on top after bagging several new roles.

In addition to her deputy role, Rayner is now shadow first secretary of state, shadow chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and shadow secretary of state for the future of work. Quite the mouthful.

Some wags have commented that the more trivial the role the more caveats its title carries. In Marchamont’s experience it is the middling titles that are the longest, with grunts making do with a word or two and the chiefs some fancy initials.

British politicians often take on many ceremonial titles at the top of the greasy poll, a symptom of the archaic British state. Even so, the best job is described in just two words: prime minister. On that basis, Rayner has some syllables to shed…

Journalist, pamphleteer and propagandist rarely mistaken for a man of principle. Still trying to back the winning side in the English Civil War.

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