Andrea Leadsom picks her favourite Tory toy boys

Among the humiliations for Paul Williams in his run to become Hartlepool MP was the revelation that he had asked Twitter who their “favourite Tory milf” was in 2011. Some went a tad overboard in their criticism of it, with Shami Chakrabarti, Baroness Whitewash, calling it “unacceptable misogynistic abuse”.

In the spirit of equality, Marchamont wonders if the high-brows would react similarly if a female politician was similarly lewd. It is therefore interesting to hear the recent remarks of Andrea Leadsom, Conservative MP and previous leadership hopeful.

“We actually did once play this game,” she told comedian Matt Forde, the game being rating the parliamentary talent. “I had a group of female Conservative MPs round for dinner at my flat and we did this. We went across the benches.”

MPs from a previous parliament were apparently rated as “handsome”, “rubbish”, and “very good looking”. One suspects a few stronger adjectives may also have been used, given the group was “very drunk at the time.”

In the current crop, foreign secretary Dominic Raab was named by Leadsom as a bit of a looker, as well as chancellor Rishi Sunak. As Leadsom admits, Dishi is a bit young for her, so perhaps this is less a case of favourite Tory dilfs and more favourite Tory toy boys.

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