Podcast Ep. 56: Crumpet Debates, Corbyn’s Victory Party & May Readies Brexit

Clinton vs Trump by DonkeyHotey

Clinton vs Trump, Labour vs Momentum and Theresa May vs Brexit are our three bouts for this week’s triple header podcast.

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Podcast Ep. 55: Cameron’s Endgame, UK Election Boundaries & Hillary Clinton’s Collapse


The gang returns this week to discuss David Cameron’s retirement, the redrawing of constituency boundaries in Britain, and the health debacles of old lady Hillary Clinton – this time with comedian and Labour staffer Ben Powell in tow.

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Why we called the Joe Biden presidential campaign wrong

Joe Biden, October 2012 by DonkeyHotey

It’s not been a sterling year for predictions among the political punderati in Britain.

Firstly, all the British pollsters got the headline result of the general election wrong. Then pretty much everybody dismissed Jeremy Corbyn as a possible leader of Labour, only for him to go on and win 60 percent of the vote.

But at least it seems Britons are not the only ones flubbing our predictions. Most everyone in the United States thought that Joe Biden, current vice president, would contest the Democratic ticket to run for the top job in Washington.

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Bill Clinton denies calling up Donald Trump and asking him to run for US president

Bill Clinton, Civil Rights Summit, April 2014 by LBJ Foundation

Bill Clinton, 42nd president of the United States and potential husband of the 45th, denied convincing businessman Donald Trump to run in the latest presidential race, in what would have been one of the greatest pieces of trolling in history.

Speaking to American chat show host Stephen Colbert, Clinton disappointingly downplayed his powers of triangulation, saying that he had spoken to the Trumpster over the phone but not discussed his campaign to run for the White House on the Republican ticket.

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